Product Design and Manufacturing

Merging digital into physical products opens up new experiences and connections. This is what we call the Internet of Things (IoT) and it just opened up a new world of opportunity for you. We explore product opportunities and build the WHY around the Internet of Things for you and your organisation through strategy consulting, industrial design and product management.

Inventory Management

Scalable and secure
solutions for a smarter supply chain and re-ordering. Never run out of the things you need.

Increase Efficiency

Saving you time and money through monitoring and optimising. Things taking care of things so you don’t need to.

Dynamic Devices

New ways to communicate based on place and context for retail, home, office, factories and cities. Creating experiences with meaning.

Monitoring and Tracking

Real-time tracking for the important things in our lives from our health to security and things we value. Keeping an eye on things.

Design Consulting

The Creator design thinking process for product development improves product outcomes for companies and partners who would like to understand how the Internet of Things can impact their business or product. Our focus on Connected Products and The Internet of Things results in specialist knowledge in these areas and know-how from strategy to product ideation to prototyping, manufacturing and delivery.

Design thinking process for IoT

Strategy and Project Management for IoT

Supporting this growth of connected devices and IoT, there is now an industry of software, module/device manufacturers, consultants and network providers who recognise the potential of this industry. Creator provides project management solutions to industry partners and brands to cater for the growing number of devices to come online.

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The next great idea that will transform your industry is here! Creator works with leading brands and industries on connected product strategy to build the use case and uncover commercial IoT solutions.

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